Georgy Molodtsov

XR director, producer,
festival programmer
Georgy Molodtsov // Георгий Молодцов

Born 1986 in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Documentary / PSA / Festivals

After graduating in 2008 from the documentary directing department of the All-Russian State Film Institute (VGIK), started to develop his career in the documentary industry, film festival curation, and advertising. PSA campaigns created and directed by Georgy on HIV-AIDS Awareness/Child Rights/Human Rights etc were awarded at the major advertising festivals in CIS (Red Apple, IDEA, White Square).

From 2007 to 2017 was a programmer and coordinator of the documentary sections of the Moscow International Film Festival (Academy Award Qualifying festival in documentary nomination), as well as programmed weekly TV-Slot "Watching and Discussing" at National Public channel TV Kultura with the showcase of the world best documentaries. In 2013 became a member of the board of directors of the Russian Documentary Guild. Currently produces and directs documentaries for major Russian streaming platforms as well as invited to the documentary expert council of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation.

In 2015 graduated from American University - School of Communication (Washington, D.C., USA) with M.A. in Film and Video as a Fulbright Graduate Fellow.

VR / XR / 360

Starting from 2015 initiated various VR activities in Russia including a social good project for and about people with disabilities VRability, non-profit program Russian VR Seasons which helps Russian VR creators to showcase their works in international and domestic film festivals, several educational courses and mentoring programs about 360 video production, as well as became the programming director of the first VR film festival in Russia - EMC VR Film Festival in 2016.
Since 2016 organized over 50 VR Film Festivals and events in Russia and CIS as a curator and producer.

At the same time produced and directed 360 films, commercials, and interactive projects for major brands and media companies in Russia. At the same time, finance and produce independent XR projects, including "Under the pillow: Kitten Mormitten" interactive XR animation.

In 2018 became curator of the Open Frame VR Award within the goEast Film Festival (Wiesbaden, Germany), as well as a jury member for various international events (Geneva IFF, Raindance, Lichter Filmfest, etc).

In 2019 founded Film XR, an Estonian company dedicated to the production and organization of international social VR events and projects.

Starting from 2020 collaborates with VRROOM on the organization of online/metaverse VR social events, including 3 concerts of Jean-Michel Jarre in Virtual Reality as a production supervisor and XR Director.
VR&360 Creative Projects
Original Independent production of 360 films and VR projects

Under The Pillow
The story of kitten Mormitten

Narrative XR Animation / Game
dir. Georgy Molodtsov, 25 min, 2020
Produced by: Russian VR Seasons (Russia), Feeling Digital (Belarus),
Film XR OU (Estonia)

"Under the pillow" is a multiformat XR project which encourages a kid in all of us to build an imaginary friend and turn into it – not only to explore the magical world under the pillow of an old sofa, but to learn more about ourselves, our hopes and dreams.

Cannes XR Official Selection - Cannes Film Festival 2021
XR Coproduction Market within Geneva IFF 2019, Switzerland (Pitching)
ANNECY – MIFA Pitching / Digital Experiences 2020, France (Pitching)
BIFAN - Beyond Reality Program 2020, South Korea (Preview episode)

Lake Baikal: The Science and Spirituality of Extreme Water

Lake Baikal: The Science and Spirituality of Extreme Water is a 360 3D documentary project, that will introduce viewers to the dramatic landscapes around Lake Baikal in Siberia, and to some of the strong spiritual traditions that have evolved around this oldest, deepest and most voluminous body of fresh water on Earth.

IDFA Forum Selection 2016 (Netherlands)
Dubai IFF - Different Reality VR Program Selection 2016 (OAE)

Best Full Dome Film – Baikal International Film Festival'17 (Russia)

NEXT VR - Marche du Film 2017 Screening (France)
Moscow International Film Festival 2017 (Russia)
Sheffield Alternative Market Selection 2017 (UK)
Tampere DDD60 Official Selection 2017 (Finland)
Haifa IFF VR City program 2017 (Israel)
Russian Film Week London 2017 (UK)
Berlinale EFM Market Screening'18 (Germany)
MOVISTAR BCN 360 Film Festival'18 (Spain)
Lichter Film Festival'18 (Germany)
VIS VIENNA SHORTS Film Festival'18 (Austria)
Transilvania International Film Festival'18 (Romania)
Kino Otok - Isola Cinema IFF'18 (Slovenia)
Hyper VR Festival'18 (Brasil)
VR Scientific Festival'18 (Sweden)
Jihlava Documentary Film Festival'18 (Brasil)
FANK - Festival of Actual Science Films Festival Tour'18 (Russia)
IVRPA Belfast VR Theatre'19 (Ireland)
Photo scenes from the project - part of "Google Expeditions"
Reading is an ultimate way to use imagination.
Readers create their own vision of the book, which makes them co-authors in some way.
Specially for the annual all Russian event "Biblionight" and 200 year anniversary of Russian classic Ivan Turgenev, we`ve invited famous actors – Yury Kolokolnikov ("Game of Thrones") and Aglaya Tarasova ("Ice", "Tanks") to narrate the pieces from Turgenev`s prose and share their vision. With the help of VR artist Denis Semionov we`ve created in virtual reality their versions of Turgenev`s world and invite others to create new ones.

G8 2019 FEST – Best Innovative Interactive Project
LIME International Advertising Festival 2019 – Best VR/AR Project
IMPULSE Social Advertising Festival 2018 - Silver Prize, Advertising Campaigns
PORA Social Communications Forum 2018 - Silver Prize, Social Advertising and Social Projects


Russian Social Good 360 project that uses virtual reality to help motivate people with disabilities to be more active in real life.
NEXT VR - Marche du Film 2017 Screening
Moscow International Film Festival 2017 - VR Section screening
10th Annual Social Golden Prize for the Best social campaign - Communications Festival PORA! 2016
Screen4all 360 Film Festival Official Selection (France) 2016
Tampere DDD60 Official Selection 2017
Short list - Silver Mercury Award'16
VR Scientific Festival – Sweden'17
Berlinale EFM Market Screening'18

Uncapitals: Pomors in 360

In September 2017 Northern artists and curators visited Onega, Arkhangelsk region, to research Pomor history and culture. One of the groups decided to visit Vorzogory - remote village on the White Sea shore with original Pomor culture untouched by time. Local enthusiast Aleksandr Porfilievich Slepinin starter to reconstruct the original wooden church from 17th century by himself and was doing it for over a 20 years, bringing the recognition to the Vorzogory village. Project made within Uncapitals Art-residency -
Produced by Fridaymilk (Zhanna Guzenko, Oleg Khadartsev)
Directed by Georgy Molodtsov, Taisa Severand
Spatial sound by Aleksandr Sokolov
Color correction by Serafilm Salnikov
Inversia Festival, Murmansk - Premiere (Russia)
Berlinale EFM 2018 - Industry Screening (Germany)
Cannes Marche Du Film NEXT 2018 - Industry Screening (France)
Predchuvstvie Film Festival 2018, Chelyabinsk - Screening (Russia)
VR Social Events (Concerts&Festivals)
Directing and producing of Virtual Events – Film Festivals, Concerts
VR Film Festivals (Offline)
Programming, Directing and organisation of offline
VR events and showcases
Russian Film Week London
Russian VR Seasons 2019
London, UK
24-30 November, 2019
Presentation of the Russian VR Seasons program
(season 2018-2019) within the biggest showcase of Russian cinema in United Kindgom
Simultaneous showcase on 15 Samsung Gear VR devices
Powered by Planetpics

Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York 2019
Russian VR Seasons
DCTV, New York, USA
18-19 October, 2019

Selection of Russian best 360 documentary films produced in 2017-2019
Predchuvstvie Film Festival
Russian VR Seasons 2019
Chelyabinsk, Russia
05 - 10 September, 2019
Presentation of the Russian VR Seasons program
(season 2018-2019).
Simultaneous showcase on 15 Samsung Gear VR devices
Powered by Great Gonzo Studio

Vkratze Film Festival
Russian VR Seasons 2019
Volgograd, Russia
12-14 April, 2019

Presentation of the Russian VR Seasons program and selection of best German 360 films within VKRATZE Short Film Festival
Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Shymkent, Kazakhstan, 2018-2019
BEAT Film Festival
VR Cinema 2018
Moscow, Russia
June 1-8, 2018
VR Cinema powered by Tinkoff
30 devices, simultaneous showcase, Two 360 programs,
One interactive program
More info:
VR partner: Samsung, Technology partner: Great Gonzo Studio
Position: Co-developer of the concept, technical, programming and event management
CSFF - Contemporary Science Film Festival 2018
VR Section of the CSFF, Russia
6 regions, 2 days over the weekend in each region: Voronezh, Blagoveshensk, Nyagan, Perm, Tobolsk, Satka
16 films about science on 15 devices simultaneously
Powered by Samsung Galaxy and Gear VR
Technology by Great Gonzo Studio
Position: Programming, Managing
Predchuvstvie Film Festival x
Russian VR Seasons 2018

Chelyabinsk, Russia
September 4 - 9, 2018
VR Section within the Predchuvstvie Film festival, Russian VR Seasons program with 20 films
Powered by Samsung Gear VR and Samsung Galaxy
Technology by VRCM (Great Gonzo Studio)
39th Moscow International Film Festival
Russian VR Seasons
Moscow, Russia 22-29 June, 2017
Moscow, Russia, July 25 - August 13, 2017
Stockholm, Sweden, 12-14 May, 2017
Moscow, Russia, 17-19 June, 2016
The initiative for promotion and demonstration of VR projects in international markets
The platform was created in 2017. It unites filmmakers, artists, producers and other creative professionals, who are occupied with making and promoting of VR projects.
"Russian VR Seasons" is an independent uncommercial community, which collaborates with educational platforms and film festivals.
The program includes VR movies of productions and independent film makers.
Initiative Web site -

Here you can see the list of showcases within other film festivals. Festival, fully organised and powered by Russian VR Seasons team might be found above:

VR/360 Commercial projects
Directing/producing/editing/supervising 360 projects
Mazda 360 Safety Videos
4 6K Videos (shot on ZCAM S1) for Mazda Russia
Mazda – Safety Videos (TSR, LKA, BSM, SCBS)
February, 2019
Full playlist:
Agency: JWT, Production: Focus Film
Production 360: Zarya Film, Videofabrika
Roles on the project: Director, VR supervisor. Shot with Z CAM S1
New Horizons with Dmitry Krylov
Client: Citibank
Idea: MOB agency
Dmitry Shiryaev, Dmitry Smolin, Sergey Klimov

Tonybraz production
Director, Editor Georgy Molodtsov
Producers Anton Sobolevsky, Irina Lysitsyna
Оператор VR Arthyom Lysenko, Aleksandr Chubov
Drone camera operation Aleksandr Vasilyuk
Editor Evgeniya Lavrentyeva
Post prod Artyom Lysenko, Iya Beryoza, Mikhail Skryapkin
Sound: Rausl Kaziev
CG Alexey Polevoy
Mazda – Secret Agent CX-9
November, 2017
Agency: JWT, Production: Why Not Video Production
Roles on the project: Director, editor, so-scriptwriter
Shot with Z CAM S1
TNT – Feel our content. Presentation of the 2018 Content of TNT Channel.
October, 2017
N3 Design, Zarya Film, 360 3D
Roles on the project: Director, editor, consultant
Shot with Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K (Stereo)
Miller Global Party (July, 2016)
Agency: Conde Nast Russia
Production: Zarya Film
Directors: Ilya Soloviev, Georgy Molodtsov
DOP: Aleksandra Myasnikova
Additional roles on the project: on-site supervisor, editor
Invasion (Attraction-2, sci fi film directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk)
360 3D Backstage

Director and Editing:
Georgy Molodtsov
Shot with Samsung 360 Round
for Vodorod // Art Pictures
Polyplastic Film (360 Excursion)
Production: Life is Short
Producer: Kirill Alekhin
Director and Editing:
Georgy Molodtsov
360 Camera&Stitching: Artyom Lysenko
360 CG: Alexey Prokopov
Sound: Aleksandr Sokolov
Samsung Youtube TV – Do what you can't (Feb, 2018)
Detective in 360 – Solve the crime
production Zebra Hero, dir. Andrey Paukov, DOP - Evgeny Kozlov
Roles on the project: 360 consultant, 360 supervisor
VReadings: "The Torrents of Spring" by Aglaya Tarasova (2018)
Client: Svetlovka Central Youth Library
VR Artist: Denis Semionov
Post production: Feeling Films
Roles on the project: creative director, director

VReadings: "Bezhin Meadow" by Yury Kolokolnikov (2018)
Client: Svetlovka Central Youth Library
VR Artist: Denis Semionov
Post production: Feeling Films
Roles on the project: creative director, director
Yandex.Taxi: VR Cinema in Taxi (April, 2016)
Client: Yandex Taxi, Krusovice
Roles on the project: scriptwriter, director, supervisor, editor 360
Samsung Launching People. BeFearless: Skydiving (April, 2017)
Client: Samsung Mobile Russia
Roles on the project: director, editor 360
Voice. Kids (April, 2017)
Client: First Channel Russia, Red Square
Roles on the project: consultant, co-director, supervisor 360
Voice. Kids (April, 2017)
Client: First Channel Russia, Red Square
Roles on the project: consultant, co-director, supervisor 360
2x2. Suspicious Owl. VR 360 (January, 2017)
Client: 2x2 TV Channel
Roles on the project: co-director, curator, editor, supervisor 360
2x2 Telecake for adults (June 2016)
Client: 2x2 TV Channel
Roles on the project: co-director, supervisor
Travelling 360 Blog: Big Almaty Lake, Kazakhstan
shot with GoPro Fusion and Ricoh Theta V
Travelling 360 Blog: Hot Air Baloon Fly
shot with GoPro Fusion
Travelling 360 Blog: Orcas from a RIB boat, Norway
shot with GoPro Fusion and Ricoh Theta V
Northern Lights in Murmansk and Teriberka, Russia
shot with Ricoh Theta V
Gorky Park: Graduation Day 2016 (June 2016)
director, editor
Gorky Park: Park for Youth (June 2016)
director, editor
Dream Ski (August 2016)
director, editor
VRability: Maxim Kiselev (March 2016)
scriptwriter, director, editor
Baltika VR Experience with Russian Football Team, director, April 2018
Tinkfoff Bank VR Experience with Ivan Urgant, co-director, editor, May 2018
Business Virtuosos VR Experience, director, May 2016
Awards for work in the field of VR/360 projects
G8 - Best Innovative Interactive Project 2019
G8 - Best Innovative Interactive Project for "VReadings"
LIME International Advertising Festival 2019
LIME International Advertising Festival 2019 – Best VR/AR Project for VREADINGS
Russia's Media Manager of the Year Award'16
Award was given in special nomination of the Social Responsibility of the Media Business for Promotion of the virtual reality technologies in social and educational projects.
Award for contribution in development and promotion of VR technologies in Russia
10th Annual Social Communcations Festival PORA! 2016
Golden Prize for the Best social campaign (VRability)
Educational&Mentoring Projects
Educational VR360 Film Labs, Master Classes, Presentations
Interviews/TV Programs about VR/360 and film festivals


MEDIUM Web blog with the information about VR Film Festival, most interesting VR films and industry news.

Professional Background
Documentary Industry, Commercial&Social Advertrising

Directing Advertising and PSA's
Showreel of commercial advertising directed in 2010-2018 in Russia

Works received prizes at the major advertising festivals:
RED Apple (Russia), IDEA (Russia), White Square (Belarus), Kiev Advertising Festival (Ukraine), Golden Hummer (Gran Prix) and others (more info at

Social Advertising Laboratory Showreel

Social cause advertising made as a director and creative director of the Social Advertising Laboratory (

Documentary Film Directing and Producing
Documentary filmmaking
In 2008 graduated from VGIK (All-Russian State University of Cinematography, Russia, Moscow), non-fiction film study, course mentored by Emmy Award winner Sergey Miroshnichenko.

As a documentary filmmaker Georgy did several short films, which were awarded at various Russian and International Film Festivals.
Девяностые: Выборы 1996 г. / Yeltsin. The Ultimate Battle
documentary series, 3 episodes, 39 min each

Director – Dilia Alishina, Georgy Molodtsov
Executive Producers – Danila Sharapov, Dmitry Livtinov, Sergey Minaev
Producers – Georgy Molodtsov, Anastasiya Belksaya
Photography – Vladimir Shiyan, Igor Petrov, Aleksandr Matukhno, Yaroslav Golovkin
Music composer – Aleksey Chintsov, Mark Novitsky
Production and distribution – Line Up Studio

Presidential Elections of 1996 were one of the most competitive and unpredictable in Russian history. Boris Yeltsin, ruling president, who was a key to the collapse of Soviet Union, half a year before the elections had a rating of 3 points vs his rival from Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov with 26 points.
To prevent the return of the communists to power, Yeltsin decides to nominate himself.
The majority of media, the best political strategists and oligarchs are working on Yeltsin's image and his tour of the country. The elections 1996 end with the victory of the ruling president Boris Yeltsin and leave behind many ethical and professional issues.


documentary, 37 minutes, Russia, 2012

Director – Georgy Molodtsov
Producer – Sergey Miroshnichenko
Director of photography – Sergey Amirjanov
Music composer – Yury Negrbetsky
Sound editor – Evgeniy Goryainov
Line producer – Elena Il`gina
Production and distribution – Studio "Ostrov", Russia (
Logline: Abkhazian-Georgian Civil War divided our family and scattered us to the different sides of states borderlines. 18 years after my mother and me are trying to recollect family relations and find answers to the most important questions for us. Part of the "Borderline Effect" documentary project, which was awarded with the Special jury prize n.a. Sergey Govorukhin at International Human Rights Film Festival "STALKER" (Russia, 2012).

Special Prize at Film Festival of CIS and Baltic countries "Kinoshock", Russia, 2012
Diploma and a valuable gift from Princess Diana Bagrationi's Foundations and VR-Studios at The Fifth Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York, 2012
All-Russian film festival "Window to Europe", Vyborg, Russia, 2012
Batumi International Art-house Film Festival, Batumi, Georgia, 2012
Documentary Drama Film Festival "Saratov Sufferings", Saratov, Russia, 2012
Moscow International Short Film Festivals, Moscow, Russia, 2012
DocuDays UA Short film festival Competition, Ukraine, March 2013
East Silver library Selection, Czech Republic, March 2013
Dvijenie National Debute Film Festival, Russia, April 2013
Krakow Film Market Selection, Poland, May 2013

Forest is my choice
Documentary film about forest industry in Russia. Throught the journey of the studenf of Moscow State Forest Univeristy we show all different angles of Russian forestries.
Made for WWF Russia by
ARTMAN Group Production
directed by Georgy Molodtsov
DOP: Sergey Amirjanov
Producer: Denis Danin
2013, 39 minutes, Russia

The documentary is highly demanded by forest universities, colleges and biology-oriented schools to use it for promotion of forest-related professions in Russia and abroad. There are over 8000 viewings of the documentary in YouTube at the moment. And 2500 DVD copies of the documentary were disseminated among all forest universities (56), forest technical schools, regional forest authorities in all regions of Russia, NGOs, forest private sector and nature lovers.
"Forest is my choice"
The documentary is developed in collaboration with the Moscow State Forest University, several ecologically oriented organizations (Kirovsky Forest Certification Center, "Silver Taiga" Foundation) and some leading FSC-certified companies (Sorvigy-Les, Mondi Syktyvkar) and other organizations which practice sustainable forest management. We thank IKEA for a lot of attention to and active participation in development of the documentary.
Documentary Film Festival Curation
Moscow International Film Festival
Starting from 2008, Georgy was programming and managing documentary sections "Free Thought" of the Moscow International Film Festival (classified by FIAPF as one of 15 most prestigious "Competitive" film festivals), representing world best and most awarded documentaries.
In 2011 competition section for documentaries was added to the sections with the winners like "Hell and back again" (Academy Award nomination), "Searching for Sugar Man" (Academy Award), "Cartel Land" (Academy Award nominations) and many others.
More information about the festival -

Weekly TV Slot at Russia K Channel
"Watching and Discussing" // Смотрим Обсуждаем
Smotrim… Obsuzhdaem… (Watching and discussing) was a weekly prime time talk show, the only one to show creative, feature length documentaries in Russia. Show aired from 2010 to 2015 with 98 episodes and over 100 films screened.
The show was broadcasted Saturday evenings by Rossia-K (a.k.a. Kultura) channel. The channel is a part of the All-Russian State TV and Radio Company and can be accessed by almost 75 percent of the country's population.
The films (52 minutes to 2 hours or series of shorts) were followed by 39 minutes of in-studio discussion moderated by Vladimir Khotinenko. The concept of the show belongs to Sergei Miroshnichenko and Grigory Libergal who also select the films for the program.
Executive producer: Mariya Miro

Roles on the projects: programmer and buyer for documentaries, interviewer with the directors of the films, web and SMM coordinator
Russian Documentary Guild
The Documentary Film and Television Guild is the only professional organisation in Russia, which unites filmmakers and television workers (more than 200 people and production studios from all over Russia) specialising in documentary and popular-science films, documentary TV programs and news coverage.

As a Vice President of the RGDoc Georgy is responsible on development of web portal, including creation of Russian documentary films directory, rating of the success of the film at the film festival, viewing and evaluation system for experts to determine the quality of governmentally subside films, calendar of the screenings and events, subscription system and automatisation of the weekly newsletter, online payments and personal accounts system with the possibility of contribution to the news, events and films/projects directory. Other projects within the Guild includes International promotion of Russian documentaries in 2013, as well as overall support of the portal

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