Immersive Music Experience
On January 21-23 Jean-Michel Jarre, VRrOOm showcased a live preview of Jean-Michel Jarre's latest opus "Oxymore", an immersive concert which was simultaneously played at the Hyper Weekend Festival's first edition at Maison de la Radio in Paris in multichannel format and in Virtual Reality on the social VR platform VRChat in an effort to bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds.

Following the record-breaking New Year's Eve concert in Notre-Dame (2x Webby Honoree and 75 millions views worldwide across all devices and media), Jean-Michel Jarre and VRrOOm teamed again to push the boundaries even further with this groundbreaking, Quest-compatible 50-minute music journey in binaural sound format.
Due to COVID restrictions, the 7 concerts programmed at the Maison de la Radio over the weekend in real life were open to only 200 visitors each.

In order to exactly match the real-world concert restrictions, the virtual concert sessions were also limited to 200 people each.

Concert Teaser:
Welcome to Oxyville!
Jean-Michel Jarre's Oxymore was broadcasted live on VRChat in Oxyville, the XR capital of music and sound designed by Russian artist Pavel Pavlyukov and produced by VRrOOm.
"Oxymore" is an homage to Pierre Henry - a pioneer of acousmatic art and one of the most prominent figures of the French school of concrete music. Pierre Henry bequeathed a series of compositions to Jean-Michel Jarre during his lifetime, with the mutual wish to create a collaborative work.

The latest music creation of Jean-Michel Jarre takes place in Oxyville, a Quest-compatible virtual city inspired by iconic musical instruments of the earliest stages of electronic music.
The intangible shadow of Pierre Henry hangs over the immersive work, inviting the public to lose themselves in an unexpected acoustic journey orchestrated by Jean-Michel Jarre.

The music and visual styles were created at the same time with mutual influence and inspiration to each other. As a result, Oxyville is a city with 11 districts designed to match the concert's 11 movements that the audiences can explore in full immersion.

Using the automated cameras integrated into the world by XR Director Georgy Molodtsov, each VR concert was shot as a cinematic experience, where visitors became actors on the virtual film set, which would be later transferred to a video film based on the concert:
Oxyville is a virtual city built in VRChat with the goal of maximum compatibility with the most popular devices - Meta/Oculus Quest and PC VR Headsets; it also includes a PC desktop version. The majority of virtual events happening in the popular platform VRChat are PC-only.

The total size of the Quest-compatible Oxyville world is just 30 MB.
That was achieved by the artistic style of art director, Pavel Pavlyukov and 3D Supervisor Dmitry Vorobiev, who created the world without post effects, artificial light sources, and using simple textures and geometry, with the support of VRrOOm's integration and gamification team Antony Vitillo, Lapo Germasi and Victor Pukhov.
User's Journey
Book a ticket on Eventbrite
First 200 visitors book a free ticket and provide their VRChat username
Receive an invitation in VRChat
Visitors are assigned a dedicated host, who invites them to join a specific instance of Oxymore.
The visitors receive an invitation and join the Oxymore lounge
Change your avatar
Before the concert starts, visitors are requested to clone an avatar specifically designed for the Oxymore experience.
Music Journey
All visitors are teleported together from district to district as the concert unfolds. They can explore each district the way they want..
Q&A with Jean-Michel Jarre
At the end of the last concert on January 23, Jean-Michel Jarre first answered questions of the fans in Maison de la Radio before joining the crowd virtual fans from all over the world.

  • Jean-Michel Jarre
    Music and Creative Direction
    A pioneer in his field, Jarre has largely contributed to the fastest growing musical revolution of all times, Electronic Music. Pioneer of one of the fastest-growing trends in the industry today, electronic music, composer Jean-Michel Jarre elevated the genre to new peaks of popularity as early as the late 70's and 80's with 80 million albums sold worldwide, to date. Emerging as an innovative international superstar, he creates a new format of outdoor concert performance that has contributed to breaking the ground for a new generation of outdoor live cultural events. Read full bio and info on
  • Pavel Pavlyukov
    Art Director and 3D Artist
    3D Artist with his own visual style, Pavel is working in the design and 3D fields for over 15 years. Together with Dmitry Vorobiev (3D Supervisor of "OXYMORE" project) Pavel created indie VR game "FRUSTRAIN". The Visual style of the game inspired Jean-Michel Jarre to collaborate together on OXYVILLE, which led to the creation of the unique atmosphere of OXYVILLE with some reference to the original Frustrain game.
Project Team:
Jean-Michel Jarre: Music and Creative Direction
Louis Cacciuttolo: Creative Producer
Pavel Pavlyukov: Art Director / 3D Artist
Georgy Molodtsov: VR Director / Production Supervision
Dmitry Vorobyov: 3D Supervision / R&D
Yeh Che: Video Editor
Lucas Butel: Rigger / 3D Animator
Antony Vitillo: Chief Developer
Lapo Germasi: Technical Artist
Victor Pukhov: Technical Artist
Maud Clavier: Production Coordinator
Mlemkid: Playthrough Artist
The music album Oxymore by Jean-Michel Jarre
will be released in September 2022 by Sony Music.
The film version of the concert, captured during live VR concerts including
the VR audience will be released publicly for the album's launch.

After the release of Oxymore, the virtual city of Oxyville will be open to open to the public through a ticketing system in concert mode as well as in exploration/gaming mode, allowing each visitor to explore the virtual universe in any order, hence further expanding the scope of the project.

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